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Among other things, Walt Disney drew fame for his uncanny ability to create family friendly animations that have been passed down throughout the decades.

The Disturbing Truth Behind The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

In his version of Cinderella , a poor girl worked to the bone by her evil step sisters, finds a fairy godmother who transforms her from her sooty present just in time to attend a glamorous ball. Cinderella falls in love with the prince, but must leave at midnight. Amid all of her haste, Cindy leaves behind a glass slipper. The prince finds her, all is happy, lots of music is played, the end.

Brothers Grimm: 4 gruesome plot twists you may have forgotten

Source: Wikipedia. Clamoring at the opportunity to gain power and status, the scheming stepsisters cut off parts of their feet so that they might fit into the glass slipper. Source: Disney. Another family favorite is the story of Snow White.

Top 10 Fairy Tale Dark Origins

In the Disney version, Snow White is spared, finds seven dwarves, sings several musical numbers, bites a poisoned apple, falls into a deep sleep, is woken by a kiss from her true love and they live happily ever after. Again, the Grimms Brothers version fails to present a romanticized—let alone remotely appetizing—original. In the Grimm version, Snow White dies.

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Notes : This fairy tale collection contains 52 of the Grimm's fairy tales. This new Dover edition, first published in , is an unabridged republication of the work first published by Macmillan and Company in Stories for children from around the world. New ish Layout World of Tales has a fresh new look!

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Grimms' fairy tales. Read Brothers Grimm biography.

The Disturbing Truth Behind The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Stories popular with users. Cinderella - Margaret Hunt 3. Rapunzel - Margaret Hunt 4. Hansel and Grethel - Margaret Hunt 6. Little Snow-White - Margaret Hunt 7. Rumpelstiltskin - Margaret Hunt