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For example, Triodos Belgium offers a 2 percent interest rate for a savings account, plus a premium of 2 percent for new cash which stays in the account for six months, and 0.

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Both rates lag inflation. In Belgium, that peaked at 5. Michael Lafferty, from Lafferty Group, which advises retail banking and personal financial services industry, said he believed the crisis showed a deeper problem of lack of trust in banks, rather than an interest in ethical banks.

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Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. One part of the new market-the Clean Development Mechanism as the climate control bureaucrats have decided to call it-is meant to work as follows.

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These credits are for the carbon-dioxide emissions that would have taken place were it not for the new technology, or for the extra carbon taken up by new forests. They can then be taken home and sold to heavy polluters in industrialised countries, allowing them to increase emissions. At Buenos Aires, would-be carbon entrepreneurs and many third-world governments rushed to support the scheme, so it was given a starting date of That means we could have a world in which developing nations are able to bypass dirty coal and oil-based energy technologies, go straight to clean energy, such as wind and solar power, and have a new incentive to revive their tropical forests.

How do you decide if a project really has prevented CO 2 pollution? A country may announce that it will abandon plans to build a coal-fired power station and opt for wind turbines instead.

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But did it really plan the coal-fired plant? Or was this simply a device to win some lucrative carbon credits?

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The problems are even greater for sink projects. Description Reviews. Summary This is a tale of our times.

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No single organization's record can expect to paraphrase the development of environmental consciousness and the growth of grassroots environmental movement, but experiences bear intimate witness to a story that is still unfolding. Enlivened by arresting illustrations and glimpses of colourful personalities that the issues of the day have brought to the fore, Promising the Earth takes stock of changing realities in, and attitudes to, environmental care over the past quarter-century.

This eventful chronical acts as a platform from which to survey the future that lies beyond the threshold of the 21st century. Reviews 'Overall Lamb has written a very readable, informative and well illustrated book. Request an e-inspection copy.

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